Southbroom Golf Course.. A jewel on the Coast.

Southbroom Golf Course, situated on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, is a definite jewel. A shorter course but boy the wind can eat you. The fourth hole on the coast line, with a tee box that the waves break on to, can differ during the day with the winds change of direction. A mere 100m can change four clubs from the morning to the afternoon. A course set in amid the coastal belt, surrounded by private homes, gives beautiful views of the sea at different holes. Water, water, everywhere, keeps one seeking straight shots down the fairway..

A view from the club house….


Another view from the club house looking at the first green…


A shot across towards the first green from the ninth fairway…


Looking down the second fairway from one of the alternate tees….

Sat test 112

Sat test 055

A lovely view of ones second shot up towards the third green…

Sat test 058

A view from the fourth tee box…


The fifth playing all up hill with a view of the sea behind you…



The 7th hole a tricky one with roads and water crossings…


One of the most picturesque places on the course are at the 7th and 8th green…

019A 008

And up the ninth towards the club house…


The 10th looking across from the 13th a short par 4 reachable by the gorillas…


Looking back from the 11th green up towards the tee box…


The View from the 13th tee… one of my very favourites…


The 17th green tuck amid the trees a small green and difficult to reach in two…


I was the Course Superintendent at this course when these photos were taken, my early rising was often met with sunrises of the following….


southbroom 021

About bulldog

I am a semi retired Green Keeper, Golf Course designer, Course constructor, also an avid amateur photographer that loves to visit the South African Game Parks and take photos. My main aim is to improve with practice, and to capture as many of the Birds of the RSA on camera. Feel free to criticise, and comment, I'm open to all suggestions. But most of all enjoy what I have to offer from my beautiful country South Africa. As an ex Rhodesian I enjoy the bush life of South Africa and all it has to offer, birds and wild animals being my favourites. I have been lucky to have traveled fairly extensively, specially to those special places, our Game Parks. Golf Courses having been part of my employment has given me the chance to experience some of the different courses within the country of which I blog occasionally . I hope you enjoy what you find on my blogs, I do it for fun and as a way of recording what I've seen and experienced.

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  1. Paradise at your finger tips…or shall I say with your golf club. Sorry, I’m not familiar with the golf terms but I don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate the thrill, beauty, excitement and serenity of the sport and the places it is held. Indeed a gem of a golf course! Have a great day my friend.

  2. When I get stressed out, these images of the calm and beautiful greens and perfect sunset helps me to cool down…thanks for the recent visit. Have a great day my friend.

  3. Can’t believe Summer is over. My son is back in school and I’m back to the real world. Best wishes!

  4. I have never been to a site solely for golfers and greensmen. How excellent. i am not a golfer, but I do love golf courses.. such a rich history in the sport.. c

  5. Oooo I am ridiculously jealous!!!! Spectacular pics! 🙂

  6. Summer almost over. I bet it’s been a busy time for the golf community. I’m hoping you get to show us some of your Summer events. Best wishes to your family.

  7. Spectacular course – great shots!

  8. Wow…amazing. I am clueless about golf but i would so play on this course

  9. Beautiful….especially the last two!

  10. Love the sun behind the clouds, how does the grass stay so green?

  11. While I personally would rather surf the wavees visible fromt eh 4th tee box, that is a beautiful course.
    Is it as remote as it looks from the pictures?

  12. Every time I see these images, I am reminded of the beautiful places that I visited and wish to visit. Just got back from Florida and though I don’t play golf, I thought the golf course of the Hotel from my window’s view was amazing. best wishes to you and your family.

  13. Good Lord, Man! I see you everywhere and read your comments, but I had no idea you were a professional photographer! These photographs are superb to say the least.

  14. Love the sunset and the others are so beautiful I would love to go there – and I don’t know the first thing about golf!

  15. Beautiful photos…I love seeing pics that capture the ease and simplicity of summertime (especially because I live in downtown Chicago, so I never see any vast green lawns!) Cheers!

  16. Love the shots involving the water! That last one is beautiful!

  17. I haven’t been to South broom. That course looks amazing, as does the sunset. 😉

  18. Beautiful and breathtaking views. Indeed it is a priceless jewel, as glorious as the amazing sunset. Thanks.

  19. what an amazing area…must be great walking around there…

  20. Waw… how beautiful! invite you to silence, meditation and meeting with yourself!

  21. Beautiful golf course. I used to play but haven’t for a few because of back issues. I used to love walking the golf course – it was so peaceful and beautiful.

    • This one is something special with lots to see, the photo opportunities are outstanding, I regret when I maintained the course I did not take my camera to work every day…

  22. As a golfer, this looks wonderful.

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    This is a blog from my own site, just thought you would enjoy the pictures

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