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South African Golf Open.. Glendower the host..

The South African Open Championship is one of the oldest national open golf championships in the world.

What a course for the South African Golf Open to be played on, a good test for the players, an exceptional course for the spectators, in general I can’t think of a better place for it to take place… Glendower is no spring chicken itself… 7th March 1937 it was officially opened… and two years down the line it held the Transvaal open that was won by the famous Bobby Locke..

The course saw a major revamp in the 1980’s and has held a high position on the Golf Digest top 100 for many years. Host to the S.A Open in 1989, 1993 and 1997 it is now about to see it’s fourth Open and well deserved I think. The Championship is to be held here again next year, I wonder how many clubs can say they have hosted the Championship 5 times?

This years S.A Open is recorded as the 103rd time it is being played… quite a record.

But look at these photos, it’s a golf course of note…

Glendower Golf Club 001

Some big bunkers to negotiate…

Glendower Golf Club 002

Plenty of shape and slopes on the greens…

Glendower Golf Club 003

and trees everywhere.. stay on line… and water on 11 holes…

Glendower Golf Club 005

Glendower Golf Club 007

Glendower Golf Club 014

Glendower Golf Club 025

Glendower Golf Club 033

Some tight lines to negotiate…

Glendower Golf Club 046

Glendower Golf Club 059

Glendower Golf Club 064

The practice putting green right in front of the club house…

Glendower Golf Club 091

“terratry” A pain pill or an vitamin?

“terratry” is software designed for analysing expenditure on the golf course.

An analogy used by software designers about software; is the software you’re about to purchase to cure a pain, or to ensure good health in your business?

I had never thought of software in this way and promptly looked at ours in a different light; was “terratry” a pain pill or vitamin? Was it designed to solve a problem, cure a pain, or was it to ensure good health?

I came to the conclusion it was for both; it can solve headaches as well as ensure good health, a bit of both; so what do we call it? A pain pill gives relief and makes one feel better but, it does not ensure good health. A vitamin is good for you but, it also cannot ensure good health.

The “terratry” pill however, can cure pain and ensure good health.

Used correctly it cures the pains of overspending, incorrect spending or not knowing where you are spending. It can also ensure good health by empowering the monitoring of expenditure; the “where’s it going” scenario is negated. It also allows for the interpretation of how to improve performance in the future, ensuring good health.

So where does “terratry” fall within the software designers analogy? I’d say we have a “cure all” pill, one of those miracle pills sought by all, which will cure the aches and pains of the golf maintenance business, as well as one that will ensure its good health.

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