Sishen Golf Club, or Kalahari Country Club.

A visit to Sishen where my Son lives has had me photographing and playing this course on a regular basis…..


A wonderful club house greets you, with a restaurant, Ladies bar and lounge, members pub, and a lovely big stoep where braais and socialising takes place on a regular basis..


The course is built within a Camel thorn forest, a protected tree, so unless a permit is obtained even a dead tree may not be touched…  apart from this being a hazard if you play off line it certainly adds to the beauty of the course..

Len 20-09-2012 161

Len 20-09-2012 084

Now for some of the views of the course… a tough course, with great greens that run true… they have some problems but when you consider you’re in the Kalahari….. semi desert…. the course is wonderful..





The Camel Thorn tree can be a great hazard…. strike one and get a thorn in the ball, throw it away. But it also has a habit of retaining your ball if it wants too….

Len 20-09-2012 124

That is in this tree…. way out of reach…..

Len 20-09-2012 123

But then some will refuse to loose a ball and go in search of it….(Where’s the bikini..???)


The tree is in flower at the moment and I took this photo so you get an idea of the thorns and flowers..

Len 20-09-2012 120

I love the signage that the course has… the pictures are mounted on old Railway sleepers…  the red-billed buffalo weavers nests, adorn many of the thorn trees….

Len 20-09-2012 099 Len 20-09-2012 094

They have now started to build houses in and around the Golf Course and it is being done very tastefully with them being well back from the course and well camouflaged. Their web site is well worth a visit…

Len 20-09-2012 140

They even have a Guest house next to the first fairway… what a place to stay…

Len 20-09-2012 168

Len 20-09-2012 167

Watch out for the wild life and birds… there are some magnificent opportunities to photograph them.. look at my other blog to see some of what I have captured here….

Sat 03-09-2010 037

Len 20-09-2012 082

About bulldog

I am a semi retired Green Keeper, Golf Course designer, Course constructor, also an avid amateur photographer that loves to visit the South African Game Parks and take photos. My main aim is to improve with practice, and to capture as many of the Birds of the RSA on camera. Feel free to criticise, and comment, I'm open to all suggestions. But most of all enjoy what I have to offer from my beautiful country South Africa. As an ex Rhodesian I enjoy the bush life of South Africa and all it has to offer, birds and wild animals being my favourites. I have been lucky to have traveled fairly extensively, specially to those special places, our Game Parks. Golf Courses having been part of my employment has given me the chance to experience some of the different courses within the country of which I blog occasionally . I hope you enjoy what you find on my blogs, I do it for fun and as a way of recording what I've seen and experienced.

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  1. Nice blog! I do have one question… probably is a silly one, but what is braais?

  2. poo looks like heaven there… I hope you are having a fantastic adventure!! So happy to see a blog post from you — You are so missed!!! xo

  3. Beautiful course (especially all of the different trees!) Gorgeous!

  4. Looks like a beautiful golf course.

  5. Great pics … and I hope you played well.

  6. artblablablablog

    incredible course! I could see hitting the water and trees with my game, and not caring because it is so pretty!

  7. The trees on the course are so beautiful, even the dead ones. My favourite ts the fourth image. Great composition and lines.

  8. Looks lovely there, and almost makes me wish I were a golfer, although I wouldn’t go paddling around looking for lost balls at our course in Florida. I’d very likely get eaten by an alligator. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  9. magnififcient..the club house looks posh

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    This is from my Golf Course Blog… hope you enjoy….

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