South African Golf Open.. Glendower the host..

The South African Open Championship is one of the oldest national open golf championships in the world.

What a course for the South African Golf Open to be played on, a good test for the players, an exceptional course for the spectators, in general I can’t think of a better place for it to take place… Glendower is no spring chicken itself… 7th March 1937 it was officially opened… and two years down the line it held the Transvaal open that was won by the famous Bobby Locke..

The course saw a major revamp in the 1980’s and has held a high position on the Golf Digest top 100 for many years. Host to the S.A Open in 1989, 1993 and 1997 it is now about to see it’s fourth Open and well deserved I think. The Championship is to be held here again next year, I wonder how many clubs can say they have hosted the Championship 5 times?

This years S.A Open is recorded as the 103rd time it is being played… quite a record.

But look at these photos, it’s a golf course of note…

Glendower Golf Club 001

Some big bunkers to negotiate…

Glendower Golf Club 002

Plenty of shape and slopes on the greens…

Glendower Golf Club 003

and trees everywhere.. stay on line… and water on 11 holes…

Glendower Golf Club 005

Glendower Golf Club 007

Glendower Golf Club 014

Glendower Golf Club 025

Glendower Golf Club 033

Some tight lines to negotiate…

Glendower Golf Club 046

Glendower Golf Club 059

Glendower Golf Club 064

The practice putting green right in front of the club house…

Glendower Golf Club 091

About bulldog

I am a semi retired Green Keeper, Golf Course designer, Course constructor, also an avid amateur photographer that loves to visit the South African Game Parks and take photos. My main aim is to improve with practice, and to capture as many of the Birds of the RSA on camera. Feel free to criticise, and comment, I'm open to all suggestions. But most of all enjoy what I have to offer from my beautiful country South Africa. As an ex Rhodesian I enjoy the bush life of South Africa and all it has to offer, birds and wild animals being my favourites. I have been lucky to have traveled fairly extensively, specially to those special places, our Game Parks. Golf Courses having been part of my employment has given me the chance to experience some of the different courses within the country of which I blog occasionally . I hope you enjoy what you find on my blogs, I do it for fun and as a way of recording what I've seen and experienced.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful course!

  2. What a glorious course, Bulldog. Beautiful.

  3. Great shots Rob. It looks so peaceful and quiet out there. No wonder the golfers like it. 😀

  4. Brian (aka Golfspice)

    Looks like a great course and challenge. I would need plenty of golf balls to play here, and a calculator to add up my score.

    • That’s just how I felt… not always being the straight hitter… but I do think it is one of the best courses for our open, a good test for the pro who will undoubtedly be pushed right back and find that accuracy will win the day…

  5. Beautifully lush, isn’t it? Would love to see it in person. Must be spectacular there….but that small ball in that small hole from so far away?? Egads!!

  6. It’s so beautiful. I don’t golf. Maybe I could ride a horse through there? No? 😉

  7. This is beautiful and one of the reasons why I wanted to play golf for so many years … the scenery – and I have really tried with excellent mentors, but they have all shake their heads, but I still enjoy walking a golf course without playing.

    • I enjoy the walk while I play, when younger I took the game too seriously, now it is for the enjoyment of the stroll, the nature and the peace, and of course I now carry my camera with me…
      I have tried to get Linda to play, bit she says she feels like a giraffe getting down to drink, and has given up hope of ever playing.. My Daughter and Daughter in Law play now and again and are both naturals…

      • I’m glad that I have a great company of Linda … in my none trainable golfer club *smile
        Golf is a fantastic sport … loads of fresh air, great scenery, loads of walking, always meet others and don’t need a partner .. plus be able to play in my own pace. A pity I can’t be patience and concentration enough.

  8. A beauty indeed. The established, mature golf courses are spectacular places!

  9. Beautiful course…almost makes me want to learn to play golf! I live right next to our municipal golf course and although I do enjoy the park like setting, the course does not look even close to the lushness of your photos. It makes me wonder about the investment that must have been put into preparing the greens for this important event.

    • I have an idea what their budget must be and obviously can’t speculate on that in the general public in case I’m right… but the course is always maintained to a very high standard. I know the Course Super (Green Keeper) very well and he is one of the best in the country, and this course looks like this all the time… but special preparations are undertaken for such an event that have far reaching consequences financially… however the money is recovered from the gate takes and such like… and there are major sponsors for the event… but it is a tough job for the “Keep” he is after all fighting with nature everyday, and nature has a way of tossing curve balls at you all the way.. not an easy job, ask me I’ve done it for years…
      The course I last worked on I have posted on before.. here is a link..

  10. Beautiful golf course, almost makes me want to be a golfer…

    • It is the most pleasant game to play… when I was younger I took it very seriously… now I carry my camera with to be able to make captures of the course like these…

  11. I Am Jasmine Kyle

    OMG what a paradise!!!!

  12. I don’t get the appeal of golf..but great looking course. We just had the Presidents Cup here and all I can say is it mucked up traffic something awful!

  13. I’m afraid I never took to golf, but from those marvellous pictures it looks like a wonderful course to play on and the countryside looks lovely.

    • Thanks Chris.. it is one of those courses that really tests your golf .. yet gives you such a lovely feeling of being amid nature… it has been declared a nature reserve because of all its bird life…

  14. Do you play golf, Bulldog?

    • Been playing since I was 5, and that was a long time ago… been a keeper of the greens for 25 years, which does allow a certain amount of golf playing as well…

  15. I have never played golf but I am sure it is so enjoyable…. The photographs and the place is so beautiful. I wished to be there 🙂 Good Luck for new season, Thank you dear Rob, love, nia

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    Have a look at where our Open Golf Championship is taking place in two months time… a beautiful course

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