Are Keepers of the Green given the recognition they deserve?

As the preparers of the turf that the Golfers enjoy given the recognition they deserve? In some cases yes, in others, the egotistical members of the committees consider themselves experts in fields beyond their comprehension. Today the expectations of committees, and golfers is for a perfect course at all times. The nuances of nature, the construction of old courses and the changes of the seasons do not allow this to be possible.

Are Green Keepers expected to control the weather, the diseases and the expectations of nature, with the controls of budgets being cut by committees more bent on self grandeur than sensibility? The expenditure being made on improvements to bars and buildings, while the course expected to maintain itself on reduced budgets to finance these improvements.

A golf Course income depends on rounds, the demands of golfers, as well as the competition between courses has reduced the players that can afford to play. What now do committees expect to gain by reducing staff, reducing expenditure, cutting budgets and the like, whilst still expecting the course to remain in pristine condition. Do they fully understand what is required to keep the course looking its best, or is the “Keep” expected to wave his magic wand and all will be good.

The future lies in the correct analysis of course expenditure, what do we spend our money on, and where is it actually spent. What do the differing diseases cost, not as a chemical cost but an actual cost. Are bunkers seldom hit worth having as hazards? Their costing could be higher than if they were converted to a grass bunker and cut as rough.

The future lies in the hands of committees, their insight into actual costs. They can tell you what a coke costs but can they tell you what a green cost?

These are the controllers of the “pennies” let their future be more realistically aided in analysis and may they listen more closely to their employees when they explain the problems faced.034














About bulldog

I am a semi retired Green Keeper, Golf Course designer, Course constructor, also an avid amateur photographer that loves to visit the South African Game Parks and take photos. My main aim is to improve with practice, and to capture as many of the Birds of the RSA on camera. Feel free to criticise, and comment, I'm open to all suggestions. But most of all enjoy what I have to offer from my beautiful country South Africa. As an ex Rhodesian I enjoy the bush life of South Africa and all it has to offer, birds and wild animals being my favourites. I have been lucky to have traveled fairly extensively, specially to those special places, our Game Parks. Golf Courses having been part of my employment has given me the chance to experience some of the different courses within the country of which I blog occasionally . I hope you enjoy what you find on my blogs, I do it for fun and as a way of recording what I've seen and experienced.

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  1. What a breathtakingly beautiful course that is.I do admire the loyalty and hard work these guys put into a days work.As I understand this is an issues all around the globe and an underpaying ungrateful job.My brother is a greenkeeper and he works such long hours.Really guys please give these oaks better working conditions and higher salaries with benefits.

  2. I bet they don’t get half the recognition (or the respect) that they deserve and if it weren’t for their hard work, none of the gorgeous course you and others feature would be able to function…cheers to the folks that maintain those lovely greens!

  3. I hope they get the recognition they deserve. I bet they are the least that people remember but today, let us honor them for making every golf course as breathtaking as they are. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

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